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Because we believe in the future. We are committed to providing clean, sustainable energy for your farm, business, or home. Create an independent lifestyle free from power bills, feel good about leaving a positive footprint, and get top-of-the-line equipment plus professional counseling on how to choose the absolute best solar system for you. Wilmington Solar Energy was founded here in North Carolina to bring excellence to the field of solar power -- your success is our success. We begin each project with payback in mind, assessing your costs and tax burden in order to ensure that you can earn your money back and more!

We have years of experience helping farmers, business owners, and individuals with each and every one of their solar energy needs. Our mission is to provide:

(1) top-quality products backed by industry-leading warranties
(2) solar power systems installed by a certified solar engineer
(3) innovative racking structure designed to withstand snow and wind 
(4) interconnectivity between you and your power company 
(5) optimized system sizing to provide a quick turnaround on your investment
(6) an unrivaled commitment to helping our customers make the right financial decisions

The future starts right here in Wilmington with Wilmington Solar Energy's intelligently-engineered solar power systems. Are you ready to catch your first glimpse? 

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