Net Metering Will Not Be Around Forever

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Net Metering Will Not Be Around Forever

Net Metering is an Incentive

Net metering is a vital part of energy independence. Net metering allows solar customers to produce a whole days worth of power while the sun is accessable. The over production is backfeed and stored on the grid with the customers getting full value of the excess. Many cooperative utilty compnaies take an “avoided cost” on the excess which can be a third of the value that is being charged. Duke and some cooperatives have strong net metering programs but that doesnt mean they will have those programs forever. Like the federal tax credit, net metering will not be around forever. Those who enter into a net metering agreement with a utilty compnay will be grandfathered into their agreement. Duke Energy has filings with the NCUC for energy changes to the economics of solar in North Carolina. Below is a list of those changes.


∞ A 2017 law plainly states that the NCUC must study the costs and benefits of net metering prior to any rules change.  Duke opposes such a study, and excludes solar benefits in its internal analysis.  Attorney General Josh Stein has called for a delay in the proceeding until independent cost-benefit and climate impact analyses are completed.  Multiple studies show that net metering is a benefit for non-solar customers.

∞ Duke Energy’s own, newly exposed data show company officials knew their plan would cut value to countless homes adding solar panels by a market-choking 30 percent.  Solar installers calculate a 25-35% drop for their average customers.

∞ The Duke plan would cause solar customers to pay the highest rates for grid power exactly when the sun is going down and little solar power is being generated (6-9 pm in summer) – despite Duke’s own 2021 pilot study that was successful with an on-peak window of 2-8pm.

 Duke’s changes would penalize all potential solar customers, particularly those on low and fixed incomes. Duke says it will devise a plan for low-income customers at some unspecified future time. The justice groups reject that as a hollow pledge, and propose a system-wide, on-bill financing program like the one in Hawaii that would share solar benefits equitably between all electricity customers, help slow the climate crisis and protect power bills.

 Duke plans to impose extravagant minimum bills upon solar customers – without providing justification and while ignoring the fact that more rooftop solar would displace much of the billions Duke wants to spend on grid upgrades.


Now is the time to invest in solar. The tax credit drops from 26% to 22% next year and then expires. Duke is pushing to change their future net metering program. In additon, energy costs are up 11% in less than 2 years with no end in sight. Take a few mins and see what solar can do for you. Keep in mind, you are going to spend the money, it is unavoidable. The real question is what is your situation after you spend the money. We have great prices and many finacing options which are no money down and rates at .99%. Our average customer save over $75,000 over the course of the warranty and three times that amount over the shelf life. Get your free no pressure solar evalution today.



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