Self Sufficient during difficult times

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Self Sufficient during difficult times

 The past few months have been unprecedented for most of us. With Covid 19 we have seen how fast things can change and not for the better. In just a few months we have seen our lives turned upside down.  We at LuminaSun have been effected as well and our thoughts and prayers go out to all that are struggling with loss and adversity. People are resilient and are adapting to the situation however, lives have changed and burdens created. As with most disasters, we see how fast the shelves will empty at the stores, how hard it is to buy things that everyone else wants as well. The key is to be prepared. Many people have back up generators, food storage, batteries, water, ect. These are all important items to have. 


Solar should be part of our self sufficient plan. Without solar you are renting power and doing so forever. You are subject to price increases which average 5% annually. With solar, you own your power and your bank payment is fixed and does not increase. If it is cheaper today, it will obviously be cheaper in the future. Also, with solar you will own your system outright at some point, so you are not subject to a payment for the rest of your life. Under our current situation, where millions have lost their jobs, think of the benefit of having a payment that is much lower which would help with your finances during difficult times. Below is an example of monthly payments with and without solar and what 5% looks like and how fast the savings add up. If a similar situation arises in 10 years your solar will be saving you $112 per month.


With out Solar          With solar

$175                         $160

$184                         $160

$193                         $160

$203                         $160

$213                         $160

$223                         $160

$235                         $160

$246                         $160

$259                         $160

$272                         $160


What's on the way from Duke?
1) On May 4 the utility commission will rule on Dukes 14.3% increase request for renewable technologies.
2) Dukes $10 billion coal ash clean up
3) Dukes $800 million hurricane and storm clean up.


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